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Communication at Work

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                   Communication at Work 

                       How to be heard without being hard

Communication is key at work. Our voice plays a profound part in our communication and the way we express defines us. Whether on the phone, one-to-one in person, in a meeting or addressing an audience, are we able to express ourselves with a true sense of presence and authority, without stress or push?
We can find it hard to express ourselves in the workplace. We wear the mask of wanting to do good, needing recognition, and are afraid to speak up about how we truly feel. When we do speak up, we tend to push and harden our voice in order to be heard. This not only causes others stress, but ourselves as well. But what if there is another way?

With some simple techniques and experiences through voice and song, Chris James will support you during this interactive workshop and inspire you to redefine the way you communicate and express yourself. 

Chris James has been teaching internationally for over 25 years, presenting workshops and private sessions for the general public, corporate companies, medical staff, police and defence force as well as schools.

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