Vitality at Work

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                 Vitality at Work -  Expression is key

More and more organisations are focusing on the vitality of their employees nowadays, which is needed.  Stress and burn-out are on the rise.  We need to take care of our body to be able to work and live. The focus though is mainly on being physically fit, getting enough sleep and eating healthy.  But what if vitality is more than that?

True vitality is also about expression.  


Holding back our expression at work and in life has a huge impact on our body and our wellbeing. It exhausts us and leaves us feeling depleted at the end of the day. 

To be able to express what you feel, you first need to be connected to your body to actually know what you feel and then give words to it. During this interactive workshop voice coach Chris James presents how you can be present in your body and express from there. With simple tools you will experience how to stay connected with yourself and how to communicate in a true way that supports your overall wellbeing and leaves you feeling vital, joyful and empowered.

Chris James has been teaching internationally for over 25 years, presenting workshops and private sessions for the general public, corporate companies, medical staff, police and defence force as well as schools.

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